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Welcome to Key Financial Strategies LLP

We offer a comprehensive financial planning service for all your investment and protection needs:

  • Pension Planning
    When do you want to retire and how much income will you need? How do you access and use Pensions Freedom in the best way for you?
  • Life Assurance
    How much cash would your family need to maintain their current lifestyle if you die prematurely?
  • Income Protection
    Would you require a regular income or a cash sum if you suffered a serious illness or disability?
  • Investments/Regular Savings
    Are you making the best use of any spare capital or surplus income?

We hope you find the site both useful and informative. 

Key Financial Strategies LLP has a passion to not only build your wealth but where possible to use Sustainable and Responsible Investing as a basis to do so. Please see how and why by clicking the Information page, or, if you would like to see why Green Investing should be considered please watch the short video below .

We also provide a secure portal where our clients can view their policies and portfolios securely and where any sensitive documents can be held in an encrypted form.

We would welcome your feedback not only on the current content and presentation of the site but how you feel it could be improved or indeed what other services or information we could include to help you.

If you do have any suggestions please e-mail us or use one of our contact forms.

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